Aero Holding AS and Finnair Ltd own Aero Airlines. All operations are based on the high quality of Finnair services, like maintenance, training and marketing. Our headquarters are located in Tallinn where we run all our operations. Our staff consists of Estonian and Finnish quality oriented professionals.

Our schedules are based on cost-efficient one-type of aircraft operations. The aircraft type is ATR-72 turboprop aircraft with the seating capacity for 68 passengers. Optimal use of crew and aircraft resources achieves cost efficiency. Most of our passengers connect to Finnair flights in Helsinki and that’s why Aero starts the day from the cities relatively close to Helsinki.


We want to be a part of the successfully developing Baltic market area. We will be a frontline airline fulfilling the requirements of the European Union for passenger air traffic. Our crew base is in Tallinn, the operations in Finland still take shape and the location for our base in Finland will be Tampere.

Aero connects the Baltic Sea countries with each others and our staff consists of multilingual and multinational European citizens. If you have questions about our services, please, don’t hesitate to ask us.